Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Active listening to your kids.

Active listening with your kids.

My husband shared this video. It is from the famous sitcom Everybody loves Raymond.

 The first video is about raymond and his wife went to parenting class. From the video, you can see that father is not interested in parenting class ( stand up quickly after the class finished)

That is not the point. The most important is how the motivator teach them to be an active listener .

As a parent, we should learn to be an active listener to our kids. Ecpecially, when they are doing some trouble. Instead of judging them, threat them why dont we try active listening.

The second video is about how ray handling his daughter. He use active listening. Just watch and try to understand. I got the point. Before you telling this and that to your kids, listen to them. They must be a reason they are doing that. 

last note!

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