Tuesday, April 10, 2012

ajar anak tentang "sharing"

research showed that
"Most children don't understand the concept of "mine" and "yours" until they're 3 years old" . I agree with that. teaching children is not easy. I have twin so it is more challenging to teach them about sharing,
I noticed yang my twin are totally different. When they are playing, zahrah (adik) tends to be more authority. She feels that all toys  belongs to her.Sometimes, she just take the toys from zahirah (kakak) roughly.then,zahirah will start crying...

recently, zahirah will fight back,,she knows that its mine!!not yours..!!!
this happen quit sometime, until i figure out how to teach them about sharing..
here what i did to teach them about sharing...
(a) praise them..
when things happen, i explained to zahrah "zahrah, ini kakak punya.tak baik ambil. zahrah baik kan.."i think kalau kita puji anak kita mesti dia rasa lebih responsible . so that she will give back to her sister.
(b)explain them the meaning of sharing
kijkuil, pll;p'/bila twin gaduh berebutkan barang, i just tell then "kita kan adik beradik, kenala share.."

that are what i did..if you need more tips, try to click here ,
(WILL try the other tips soon)
here are the photo taken showing that my twin is sharing things :)

share bicycle

share adik..:p

share stickers

share toys

share biscuits

share basket

share trolly

last note!


  1. very inspirational indeed.... keep on writing dear..... :))

  2. Haha kak nurul..comeynyaa depa ni. Tapi belum penah jumpa adiknya lagi. Insya allah very soon. Kisses from mak chaq einn to the 3 little sweethearts. Muacks!


thanks you for the comment :)

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